Case Study: Driving Success for Zeway EV Mobility Through SEO Magic

Client Overview:

Zeway EV Mobility, a modern electric vehicle (EV) rental business, posed a challenge to BrandZus. Although providing environmentally friendly travel options, their online exposure required a boost. They wanted more people to be aware of their fantastic electric vehicles and choose them for their green commuting requirements.

The Challenge:

Zeway EV Mobility's website was not climbing the search engine rankings, and they weren't receiving as many online reservations as they hoped. They sought to improve their internet presence in order to attract more customers.


1. Increase the visibility of Zeway's website in search engines.

2. Improve ranks for electric vehicle rental keywords.

3. Increase the number of online reservations made through the website.

Our SEO Roadmap:

1. Navigation Control Keywords: Our SEO experts looked for keywords connected to electric scooter rentals and green commuting. We hoped to boost Zeway's search engine results by matching its content with what consumers were looking for.

2. Website Tuning: Our professionals fine-tuned Zeway's website to make it more user-friendly and search engine-friendly. From catchy meta titles to user-friendly content, we wanted visitors to have a pleasant online experience.

3. Eco-Friendly material Drive: Our SEO team generated compelling content showcasing the benefits of electric scooter rentals, their beneficial environmental effect, and the convenience Zeway offers. This not only drew in new consumers but also highlighted Zeway as an environmentally friendly company.

4. Link Charging Stations: As part of our link-building plan, we integrated Zeway into important websites in the eco-friendly and travel industries. Quality backlinks not only improved Zeway's search engine ranks, but also validated its reputation.

5. Local Green SEO: We optimized Zeway's website for local searches, making sure that users looking for electric vehicle rentals in specific areas could easily find and choose Zeway for their green commuting needs.


1. Skyrocketed Website Visibility: In just a few months, Zeway's website visibility soared, putting them on the map for users searching for eco-friendly transportation options.

2. Top Gear Keyword Rankings: Targeted keywords related to electric vehicle rentals shifted into high gear, securing top positions on search engine results pages and attracting more attention from potential customers.

3. Increased Online Reservations: Zeway experienced a surge in online reservations through their website, indicating that our SEO efforts were converting clicks into bookings.

4. Elevated Local Presence: Our local SEO efforts ensured that Zeway was prominently featured for electric vehicle rentals in specific regions, driving more local customers to choose Zeway for their green commuting needs.


Zeway EV Mobility boosted their internet exposure and positioned themselves as a go-to choose for eco-friendly transportation thanks to our customised SEO campaign. The increase in online reservations and higher search engine rankings demonstrate that our SEO magic is guiding Zeway along the digital success highway. The adventure continues as we maintain momentum and propel Zeway EV Mobility to new heights in the electric scooter rental sector.